TEDx Table Mountain: Towards a Sustainable Relationship with the Earth

It’s finally here! Videos from TEDx Table Mountain have gone up on YouTube – here’s my talk on how we need to change the nature of our relationship with the earth in order to make any headway in combating climate change…

Please share / comment, I’d like to spread this as far and wide as possible! 🙂

You can see the rest of the TEDx Table Mountain talks here.

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2 thoughts on “TEDx Table Mountain: Towards a Sustainable Relationship with the Earth

  1. Brilliant talk! World class.
    My only challenge is that you suggest we have to change our relationship with the earth from the long held child mode to adult mode. Is it not that we need to RETURN to an adult relationship with the earth? The former suggests we have to discover anew, the latter suggests a rediscovery imperative.
    I.e. it’s already within our ‘intelligence’, it’s just a matter of unearthing it.
    English is weird:
    Define: Unearth
    Find (something) in the ground by digging.
    Discover (something hidden, lost, or kept secret) by investigation or searching: “unearth the truth”.

    The implication of this difference is that nobody is excluded from the responsibility as we all already possess the required ‘intelligence’.

    • Thanks George 🙂
      Fair comment – is it rediscovering or is it something new? There is something very new about this moment in human history – we’ve reached a point where our impact on the earth may be irreversible. On the other hand, entering into an adult relationship (with ourselves, with other people, and with the earth) is an intelligence that we all possess, it’s certainly something that’s within every person’s grasp and is a shared responsibility.

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