“Richard is an expert in his field. His coaching skills are evident in his involved and caring coaching ability. When he was my coach he was especially helpful at allowing me the space to grow personally and professionally and always provided healthy, useful advice.”

Kameel Premhid

“Richard has tremendous awareness. This allows him to understand the needs of his clients. He asks poignant questions and makes interesting observations that allow you to better understand your goals and focus your thinking on the steps needed to achieve them. I would happily recommend Richard’s services to others.”

Michael Kransdorff

“Richard is passionate about developing people. The authenticity, integrity, and above all, high levels of professionalism with which he coached me, not only developed me as a young leader, but taught me lessons about myself that I still reflect upon on a daily basis. The journal I kept during my time being coached by Richard is still my go-to guideline whenever I find that I meet a personal hurdle, not just in my career, but in daily life too. I would highly recommend Richard to anyone considering a coach”

Faheem Chaudry

“Richard is a very thoughtful, attentive coach who invests of himself in those he coaches. Having him as my coach has enriched many aspects of my life. I am a better person after spending a year being coached by him.”

Christopher Fry

“I had the good fortune of having Richard as a life coach at a stage in my life when I had to make important and life-changing decisions. It was through the inward reflection of his sessions where I was able to make the right choices and become the man I want to be, and not the man I was going to be. A great coach indeed.”

Mali Mothiba

“Richard is a people’s person. He is very welcoming as a coach, always providing workable solutions. He is very trustworthy, reliable and very knowledgeable. His great personality, ability to listen, and help one navigate through trying times, makes him one of the best coaches out there. He is highly recommended by me”

Solly Msimanga

“I had the privilege of Richard as my Life Coach over the period of 2009 during my time on the DA Young Leaders Programme. Richard exceeded my expectations as a coach. Our sessions proved to be a turning point in my life both personally and professionally. His knowledge and insight encouraged and equipped me to go to new levels of personal growth and development. I still currently use the skills he taught me in my day to day life. I highly recommend Richard as a life/career coach.”

Dylan Jack van Vuuren

“Richard is a wonderful team player, thinker and debater. This makes him an extremely effective manager, whose focus is on developing people while creating innovative training programmes. His experience in this particular field equips him well to train and coach people, especially those who strive to become leaders.”

Michal Leon

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